Friday, September 4, 2015

Lunch at Ashghalouna - Beirut, Lebanon

A few of my snapchat followers mentioned a nice place to have lunch called Ashghalouna.  I asked our driver about it and he knew the place, it was famous in Beirut's local community, a place where high society women went to have lunch on Fridays.  What is Ahghalouna? Its an old house where widows are taught how to make crafts and sell them in their boutique in Ashgalouna.  Every Friday, a local lunch buffet is made and served by these widows. Brunch is also served every first Tuesday of every month.  All proceeds go to the widows and orphans. The outdoor seating area isn't as fancy as the fancy guests seated, but the food was excellent.  So good you are tempted to have a second helping. After lunch, head inside to look at their boutique for handcrafted gifts you can get for family and friends.  This place is must when visiting Beirut, Lebanon and reservations are required.
بعض متابعي حسابي على سناب جات اقترحوا أروح أتغدى في مطعم أشغالنا والغداء يقدم على طريقة بوفيه للمأكولات اللبنانية كل يوم جمعة. المكان عبارة عن بيت قديم فيه يعلمون الأرامل كيف يصنعون الحِرف واللي بيبيعونها في المحل داخل أشغالنا.  القعدة الخارجية حلوة في الجو البارد وأجواء حلوة لكنها عادية مقارنة بنساء المجتمع اللي متواجدين. الأكل وايد طيب! بعد الأكل اتجهوا للمحل تلقون فيه هدايا حلوة.  أشغالنا يقدم وجبة البرانش كل أول يوم ثلاثاء من كل شهر.  الريع يذهب للأرامل والأيتام. وأنصح الحجز
Tel.: +9611361225

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