Friday, July 10, 2015

Yamanote Atelier - Dubai, UAE

A gem in the heart of Jumeirah.  My kind of bakery. Dubai's unhidden treasure.  
Phrases that sum up what I think of this local Japanese created bakery.  The perfect croissant and pastries just the way the Japanese make them.  I always wanted to go to Yamanote Atelier, so I had the chance to get myself a bite, just a few minutes car drive away from Four Seasons Hotel, where I stayed, this place was beyond perfect.  I like the fact that I saw some Japanese people enjoying their pastries in this humble cafe, proof that it was that good.  I had to try the much talken about Yamanote Croissant which had the sweet and savory combination of kiri cheese and custard, and it wasn't overrated! It was delicious!  Actually everything I got was really good.  Luckily, because of my snapchat account, owner of the cafe learned I was in the house, so I got some complimentary goodies to try.  Loved the baked cheesecake, which reminded me a lot to my trip to Japan in Spring (which I will posting about later).  The sponge cakes and the cake rolls were all too good.  

جوهرة في قلب منطقة جميرا. يامانوتي اتيلييه في دبي كان مخبز ياباني ومن فترة ودي أجربه ولحسن الحظ كان المقهى والمخبز قريب من فندق فور سيزونز جميرا.  كل شي جربته عندهم كان لذيذ والعجينة والكروسان ممتازة. طلبت كرواسان يامانوتي الشهير وهو عبارة عن كرواسان مدور وعليه الكستر والكيري وهو ألذ شي عندهم.  أصحاب المحل عرفوا اني موجودة من حساب السناب جات وممتنة للخدمة اللي قدموها عطوني الفرصة اني أجرب اشياء ثانية مثل الجيزكيك واللي ذكرني برحلتي لليابان في الربيع (راح أكتب عنه في البلوق) وأيضا حبيت الكيك الاسفنجي والرول

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