Friday, July 24, 2015

My Stay at Le Gray Hotel - Beirut, Lebanon

I haven't been to Lebanon more than a decade.  And when I did I visited Beirut only three times in three consecutive years, I didn't like it much.  It was all about people watching.  I did love the food though, they have one of the best cuisines in the world.  Super sweet locals. It was naturally a beautiful country, with its green mountains.  We've visited various mountain towns which had great sea an city views, the weather was always beautiful in Lebanon.  There's Faraya, which is famous for skiing. At the time, we usually stayed at the famous classic luxurious Phoenicia Intercontinental Hotel Beirut, it was the best at the time and its still one of the best now.  After that things were not stable in the country for a while, and still are but less so. Anyways, earlier this year, we had to go to Beirut on two short visits for a specific reason, the first being for 3 days.  This time I wanted to stay somewhere different, a newer hotel.  Le Gray boutique hotel was nicely situated by the famous Solidere, which is Beirut's downtown.  When we used to travel to Beirut before, it was all about shopping in Solidere in the daytime and dining or having coffee there in the nighttime.  Now things changed and have been different for some years now.  Because of various conflict in the area, its more deserted now, but there's a few new establishments around which are really nice.  The hotel was small but really nice, not that I liked the interiors, it was okay.  But it was a nice neigborhood and the restaurants are really good.

من زمان مو رايحة لبنان تقريبا عشر سنين ووقتها ما كنت حابة بيروت وايد.  الطلعات ما يازتلي الناس تروح تشوف الناس.  الحلو في لبنان جوها والمناظر وخاصة المناطق فوق الجبال مثل فريا واللي مشهورة بالتزلج على الجبال.  المنظر على بيروت والبحر من فوق كان روعة.  غير جذي المطبخ اللبناني هو من أحلى المطابخ بالعالم.  لكن بالنهاية الجو العام مو جوي ولهذا السبب ما كنت اروح مع أهلي لما كانوا يروحون عقب وطبعا بعد الأزمات السياسية تغيرت وايد لبنان وخفت السياحة عنها شوية.  المهم في زيارتي لها هالسنة وهي عبارة عن زيارتين قصيرتين ومتقاربين لأن كان عندي بعض الأشغال اخترت اني أجرب فندق غير فندق انتركونتيننتال فينيسيا اللي كنا متعودين نسكن فيه لأن وقته كان أحلى وأرقى فنادق المدينة.  سكنا في فندف لو قري وهو فندق بوتيك صغير عند حي السوليدير. موقع ممتاز مع ان سوليدير حاليا مو نفسها أيام اللي كنت أروح لبنان.  الفندق زين الغرف العادية والمطاعم حلوة. أنصح فيه بسبب موقعه الممتاز

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