Tuesday, March 24, 2015

My First Transit in the New Hamad International Airport

Beware for Hamad International Airport is one huge airport, it would literally take you 20 min from the center of the airport to your gate that is located at the end.  Lovely airport design, lovely shops, lovely lounge.  They've got a hotel and a spa.  The information desk was really bad, it ruined our whole experience, not very helpful and because of them we missed our flight which helped in ruining our whole trip, otherwise everything else was just perfect.

بحذركم ان مطار حمد الدولي الجديد في قطر وايد كبير لدرجة قالولنا من سنتر المطار  الي بوابتنا الي متواجدة آخر المطار بتكون مدة المشي 20 دقيقة.  وايد حلو مطارهم والسوق واللاونج وغير هذا في فندق وسبا داخل المطار.  اللي ما عجبنا بالمطار هو الستعلامات ما .   ساعدونا وتسببوا بإغلاق بوابة الطيارة عنا.

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  1. oh wow I did not expect Hamad Int Airport to be as big as you described.. maybe cause I never had the time to really walk around it? I'm always at the food court or at my gate hahah!

    Sorry to hear you missed your flight, and Information Desk is very crucial so I hope they better it.