Friday, February 20, 2015

Dinner at Salt - Dubai, UAE

The concept behind Salt, a vintage truck that sells burgers and fries, is that you ave to follow them on instagram @findsalt to find out where you can catch them and grab a burger on that day.  It was Kite Beach at the time we wanted to have burgers for dinner.  And when it comes to food I would never take anyone's word, I have to try and judge for myself.  Salt's burgers were so good I would say they're the best burgers I've had in Dubai, I had another round of the 2 medium sized burgers, and even contemplated with my friends if we should have them once again before we left Dubai.
فكرة عربة سولت للبرقر هو أن يتم متابعتهم على الانستقرام لمعرفة مكانهم والبحث عنهم.  الوقت الي كنا نبي ناكل برقر كانوا في شاطيء كايت في الجميرا. سمعت ناس يمدحونه وآخرين يذمونه وأنا طبيعتي أجرب الأكل وأحكم على ذوقي.  برقرز عربة سولت ألذ برقر ذقتها في دبي ومن كثر ما عجبتنا طلبنا زيادة.

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