Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My Stay at Anatara Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort in Abu Dhabi - Part I

This is my second time to stay at a desert resort and both times were in the UAE.  There was my stay at Banyan Tree Al Wadi in Ras Al Khaima, and now my recent visit of Anantara's Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort.  A long time ago, I had the chance to visit and tour Al Maha Resort in Dubai way back when it first opened its doors.  Last summer after vacationing in Greece and France, our transit flight was to stop in Dubai, so we thought why not go to Abu Dhabi since we had a few days left till the end of vacation.  I chose the desert resort, and so from Dubai it took us almost 3 hours to arrive to the desert.  The ride was really long even after arriving to Abu Dhabi, there was nothing but desert and empty roads, and even after you reach the resort gate by the highway, it would take around 10 minutes to arrive to the main resort.  In contrast to Ras Al Khaimah's desert, the Liwa desert in Abu Dhabi had so many orangy sand dunes, almost magical.  The resort was so cut off from civilization you would literally forget all worries in life.  We got the pool villa, which is the best option if you're willing to be cut off from the world.  It has a bedroom, a living room, a tiny dining room, a spacious bathroom, and a large green backyard with a nice pool with great views of the desert, the resort, and the sunset.  Theres a few restaurants around, we had dinner in an Italian restaurant and once at Ghadeer, Mediterranean restaurant, and at Al Liwan, which is like a lounge area.  Their breakfast buffet is lavish with so many Arabian options, including camel milk, where you might not come across in other countries, and is widely enjoyed in the UAE and is known for its amazing medical properties.  To our luck, we witnessed massive sandstorms for the whole three days we stayed there, and just enjoyed a couple of hours of swimming time.  Even when I went to their lovely desert view spa session, I was stuck there waiting for the storm to cease.  It was kind of a new experience for us but overall we loved everything about this lovely resort.
  الصيف الماضي حصلنا على فرصة زيارة ابوظبي منتجع أنانتارا قصر السراب بعد الإنتهاء من اليونان وفرنسا واللي راح اكتب عنهم قريبا.  أخذنا سيارة من دبي الى ابوظبي والرحلة كلها خذت تقريبا 3 ساعات ومن بعد الوصول الى ابوظبي حسينا الرحلة طولت بزيارة بسبب ان المنظر كان صحراء فقط والطريق كان فاضي.  هاذي ثالث مرة أزور منجع بالصجراء, أول مرة زرت منتجع المها في دبي بدون لا أسكن فيه وثاني مرة سكنا في منتجع بانيان تري الوادي في راس الخيمة واللي كتبت عنه في 2010. سكنا لمدة 3 أيام في قصر السراب في فيلا بحمام سباحة خاص وأنصح في السكن في هذا النوع من الغرق لخصوصيته والفيلا عبارة عن غرفة نوم وصاله وغرفة طعام صغيرة وحمام كبير وحديقة في الخلف كبيرة بحمام سباحة.  كلينا في مطهم الغدير ومقهى الليوان والإفطار في الطعم الرئيسي حلو فيه اختيارات كثيرة ويقدمون الأكل العربي  بالإضافة الى حليب الناقة والي متوفر في المنتجع.  للأسف حاشتنا عواصف رملية بكل أيام سكنا ولهذا السبب ما تمتعنا بالمنتجع كفاية.  حتى لما رحت للسبا والي هو وايد حلو والغرفة كانت تطل على الصحراء بدت العاصفة وانحكرت شةية بالسبا الى ان خفت العاصفة.  عموما المكان كان روعه ويستحق الزيارة اذا تتحملون المسافة للوصول.
Breakfast. Camel Milk is available in the resort
Al Liwan 
Anantara Spa

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  1. Dear The Boudoir,

    Really liked your blog about Anantara and pleased to know you went to Al Maha back in around 1999 when we first opened. Al Maha remains for over two years #1 hotel in the Middle East on Tripadvisor and we have since recent also opened up the resort for Day Guests with 3 day packages on offer...perhaps you have the chance in the future for another visit. We are now part of the Luxury Collection from Starwood Hotels & Resort group. Warmest Regards, Al Maha PR & Marketing Department.