Monday, May 5, 2014

A Visit to Galata Tower and Bridge - Istanbul, Turkey

I never had the chance to visit the famed Galata Tower, which was built in 1348,  during my first visit to Istanbul, Turkey, so it was a must that I go there on this recent tripm and so I did, very early morning as soon as it opened its doors, because I heard it might get crowded on the top.  Thankfully it wasn't, and so we enjoyed great views of Istanbul including the area of the Golden Horn, Sultanehmet, and the Bosporus. Its tight and overwhelming when riding the last steps after the elevator, but very much worth it.  When done, we walked downwards through alleyways until we arrived to the Galata Bridge, where fisherman or normal people spend their time fishing.  After that, I continued walking to the New Mosque and went deeper into Sultanehmet area. A day well spent.
ما حصلتلي فرصة اني أشوف برج قالاتا واللي انبنى عام 1348 في زيارتي الأولى لاسطنبول ولهذا كان مقرر اني أزوره هالمرة.  رحت الصبح مبجر أول ما فتح لأتفادى الزحمة اللي تصير فوق البرج. تمتعت بمناظر اسطنبول منها القولدن هورن وسلطان أحمد و البوسفور.  بعد الإنتهاء مشيت نزولا ومريت دواعيس ليما وصلت لجسر القالاتا وهو الجسر الي يلتقي فيه صيادي السمك ومسيت الى أن وصلت للمسجد الجديد وبعدها منطقة سلطان أحمد.

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