Friday, April 18, 2014

Sneak Preview of The M2 Project

I was invited by Salhiya Company and Pretty Little Things for a private tour in Salhiya Complex, to show us the newest secret project, The M2, which will be introduced to the public hopefully by next month.  The M2 turned out to be a group of restaurants located within the mall, all local concepts, including the former business you might have come across in instagram, The Pantry.  There's also Dikakeen, and a spinoff of Solo Pizza Napulitana and of Life with Cacao, and a burger place which uses special sauces.
كنت مدعوة من قبل شركة الصالحية وبريتي ليتل ثينقز لحظور تور خاص للتعريف بمشروع "ذا ام 2" الجديد واللي ما زال قيد الإنشاء. المشروع عبارة عن 5 مطاعم ومقاهي كويتية.

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