Sunday, April 27, 2014

My Stay at Ciragan Palace Kempinski - Istanbul, Turkey

During my trip to Istanbul, Turkey, I wanted to try another hotel, a style very much different than the first, someplace by the Bosphorus, right next to Ortokoy.  And I'm glad I did, seeing that the demonstrations at the time ended very close to The House Hotel Nisantasi.  My choice was the ultra luxurious Ciragan Palace Kempinski Hotel which used to be a former palace 300 years ago.  To this day, this hotel retains its reputation for being the best in Istanbul, so much that royal families around the globe stay here when visiting the city.  I heard it has one of the most expensive suite in the world.  Staying at this rather expensive hotel was worth it in relation to the service I got in return.  I was treated royally, even more than how we were used to be taken care of in the Maldives. A pampered and much relaxed stay at the rather classic bedroom, which was not to my taste, but then again I knew I would be staying at a classically designed hotel.  The staff are extra helpful and friendly and I enjoyed walking around the facilities and gardens so much.  I would not mind staying here again.
خلال رحلتي لاسطنبول انتقلنا فندق ثاني مختلف تماما عن الفندق الأول من ناحية تصميم ومستوى وموقع.  كان بخاطري اسكن على البوسفور ولحظي اني اخترت الفندق الأول في اسطنبول وهو فندق قصر شيرآن كمبنسكي وهو من أغلى فنادق العالم وأرقاها لدرجة ان الكثير من الملوك ورؤساء الدول يختارون يسكنون في هذا الفندق الي كان قصر قبل 300 سنة.  الفندق يقع بالقرب من اورتكوي.  مع ان التصميم ما حبيته لأن كلاسيكي لكن كنت أعرف هالشي قبل السكن والمعاملة الملكية عوضت هذا الشي.  الخدمات فوق الممتازة والأكل والحدائق وكل شي عجبني وما عندي مانع أسكن فيه مرة ثانية.

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