Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hatay Medeniyetler Sofrasi مطعم المدينة - Istanbul, Turkey

On our first visit to Istanbul, a couple of years ago, we were urged by our driver to have dessert in Hatay Medeniyetler Sofrasi.  The restaurant didn't look that nice, but seemed to have great food, noticing that it was full and everyone seemed to be enjoying their meals.  I just had tea and the others tried their coffee and kunafe (specialty dessert in Turkey and the Middle East of baked vermicelli with cheese or cream filling topped with syrup), which they swore was the best they've ever tried.  We also noticed that the place had a popular dish which we never came across before, the stuffed salt encrusted chicken dish.
So on our recent visit we wanted to have a meal at an authentic Turkish restaurant, and thought why not go to Hatay Medeniyetler, but this time check a nicer branch, which got us to the one located in Taksim.  I have never been to Taksim or its popular Istiklal road.  When we first found the restaurant, we thought we were played! It didn't seem nice from the outside, but we were really hungry we didn't care.  So we went in to find a staircase which took us to a different place (probably even a different time).  The place was lovely! And the view! How can there be such a view hidden in Istiklal road.  The view was of a an old historical church and beautiful small garden.  We enjoyed their food so much as was expected.
لما سافرنا اسطنبول قبل سنتين قالنا السايق عن مطعم اسمه المدينة وانه مشهور عندهم فقررنا ان نحلي فيه لأن كنا مخلصين غداء.  ما حبينا أجواء المطعم والمطعم كان قديم ويحتاج تجديد. لكن لاحظنا ان فيه ناس وشكلهم عاجبهم المطعم.  وعندهم أكله  . مشهورة اللي هي الدجاج المطبوخة بفخار الملح.  
فقررنا ان هالسفرة نجرب فرع ثاني من هالمطعم ونتغدا فيه. يقع المطعم في شارع استقلال واللي عمري ما رحتله. يوم وصلتله ضاق خلقي حسيت ان ماراح تعجبني الأجواء لكن كنا يواعة فقررنا ندخل وكان المطعم في الأعلى ولما وصلنا عجبنا الديكور القديم وشراحة المنظر اللي يطل على كنيسة وحديقة حلوة.  الأكل كان كله ممتاز طلبنا كباب بالفلفل وكباب بالفستق.
Address: İstiklal Caddesi No:39, Taksim

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