Friday, April 11, 2014

Breakfast at The House Cafe - Istanbul, Turkey

I have reviewed The House Cafe before, but that was for a dessert break, this time its for breakfast.  Staying at nearby sister venue The House Hotel in Nisantasi, which has also great breakfast, I wanted to try more options and chose to have breakfast at the cafe which was just steps away.  Breakfast is a must here, and if it was up to me I would have breakfast at the Ortakoy branch by the Bosphuros.  The two dishes we tried, the goat cheese and potato omlette and the granola were scrumptious and a must try. I have to warn you, the granola is too big for even one person to finish on his own.
كتبت عن مقهى ذا هاوس كافيه من قبل وكان عن استراحة قهوة ولكن هالمرة كانت زيارة للفطور.  كان المقهى بالقرب من الفندق التابع له اللي كنت ساكنة فيه وهو ذا هاوس. ومع ان الفندق عنده افطار حلو حبيت أجرب شي غير.  أنصح في الفرع اللي في الأورتكوي انا رحت للفرع اللي فب النيشانتشي.  جربنا طبيقين وهو أومليت جبنة الماعز والبطاطة وطبق القرانولا وكان كلا الطبقين لذيذ ولكن طبق القرانولا كبير بعض الشيء على شخص واحد.
Address: Teşvikiye Caddesi No: 146 Teşvikiye 
Opening hours: All day dining from 8:00am

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