Thursday, April 17, 2014

Borsa Restaurant - Istanbul, Turkey

On our first day in Istanbul, Turkey, after getting a rest, we were so hungry we rushed through online websites to look for an authentic Turkish restaurant.  We settled for Borsa restaurant which had a lot of good reviews.  The hotel mentioned that it was just a walking distance and would take probably less than 10 minutes walk.  It was near impossible to walk around in the cold weather plus it was raining and we weren't prepared or dressed warmly enough so we opted for a taxi ride which took us forever, plus what you should know, Turkish taxis are the worse, he literally shoved us outside the car midway through our journey just because he was fed up with the traffic jam, as though it was our fault the streets were crammed.  Anyway I had to use Google map which got us to the restaurant, but it turned out to be the canteen version of it.  Now what? My friend suggested we go to Istinye Park Mall, to my dismay, just because I hate going to malls when I'm travelling, more of a department store type of person.  Luckily there was a Borsa restaurant in Istinye Park, and seeing that we really had no choice and ran out of options for what to do in a cold rainy day, spending the day at a mall sounded just right at that moment.  Even though the taxi ride took too long we were glad we had time to warm up, and it seemed that the whole of Istanbul was spending their day at that mall.  The restaurant was just great and looked contemporary, unlike its other branches which looked classic and old in the photos i found online.  The food and service were excellent, just as expected.  I would recommend you check its other branches when the weather's nice.
 بعد ما ريحنا أول يوم في اسطنبول كنا وايد يواعة وكنا مشتهين ناكل أكل تركي وبعد البحث عن طريق الانترنت قررنا نروح لمطعم بورصة وقالولنا الفندق ان كان يبعد عنا مدة أقل من 10 دقائق مشيا ولكن الجو والمطر ما شجعونا فاضطرينا ناخذ سيارة ناكسي وكان حيل معصب علينا لأن المكان قريب في نظره ولأن الشوارع كانت مزدحمة فأخذ منا وقت أطول عشان نوصل. من كثر ما كان معصب قرر ينزلنا نص الطريق وقالنا نكمل بروحنا لأن الشوارع مغلقة من الزحمة.  فتحت خريطة قوقل ولقينا المكان لكن طلع فرع المطعم طريقة كانتين أو بوفيه وما شجعنا.  قررنا نروح مجمع استيني بارك واللي كان في مطعم بورصة ولأن هذا الخيار الوحيد نظرا للجو ان من الأفضل ان نقضي وقتنا في مكان مسكر لشدة البرد والمطر.  مع ان المجمع شويه بعيد تحملنا لشدة جوعنا.  طلع المطعم تصميمة جديد ومرتب مقارنة بالمطاعم التركية اللي مرت علينا وكان جديد أيضا مقارنة بالأفرع الأخرى للمطعم والأكل والخدمة ممتازة. أنصح تجربون الأفرع الأخرى لما يكون الجو أحلى

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