Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Dinner in Nusr-Et - Istanbul, Turkey

I have come across Nusr-Et steakhouse through one of my friends in Instagram, and it was quickly added to my restaurant list for any future visit to Istanbul, Turkey.  We were dazzled by the hectic noisy atmosphere, it seemed to be one of the best hotspots for the night especially in busy Etiler area, everything was crazy people were waiting to be seated, and we were glad we made it just in time for our reservation.  There's no menu so we were accompanied to the meat counter where each one of us ordered a different meat we also ordered "Spaghetti" meat for appetizers.  I concluded it was called that because of the way it was served, thinly sliced steak, and it was so good we had to stop ourselves from ordering another round.  The steaks were all good, sadly I couldn't get the name of our chosen dishes.  We asked for dessert which was served differently than usual, a man walks around holding a large slightly deep steel oven dish that had baklava that was cut into slices.  This dessert was served per slice which the server opens the baklava and adds the delicious Turkish dondurma ice cream as a filling. This was fantastic, I was inspired to do the same thing when I was back home.  To our surprise and my delight, our party wanted to have dinner in Nusr-Et again the next day.  After having a talk with the chef/owner and manager we booked a chefs table the next day.  Meaning the chef took care of the orders, so we didn't get to order the steaks we liked.  The good thing about this was, we got the chance to have their famed dishes, like the ribs and Lokum steak.  We had so many things to eat, I couldn't go through to the last dish or dessert.  I would definitely go there again on my next trip and to the sister restaurant, N-Burger, which serves similar dishes but specializes in burgers.
سمعت عن مطعم نوسريت للستيكات من انستقرام وحطيته بلستة المطاعم. ومن كثر ما عجبنا المطعم رحناله يومين ورا بعض للعشا.  من أفضل مطاعم الستيك الي جربتها بحياتي زراح أجربها مرة ثانية. ما عندهم منيو فالطلب طريقته غير بدون منيو الطلب عند كاونتر اللحم وكل شي عجبنا وانصح بطلب ابيتايزر اسمه "سباقيتي" وهو عبارة عن لحم شرايح ضعيفة.  أما الحلو كان روعة وطريقة الطلب بس تنادون الويتر الي ماسك ماعون فرن فيها بقلاوة مقصصة. يحطها في صحن وبعدها يقتخها بالنص ويحط دونورمة تركية ويسكر البقلاوة.  اليوم الثاني الشيف وصاحب المطعم كان مسؤول عن طاولتنا وطلب على ذوقه وكان الطلبات وايد لكن اختارلنا أفضل أنواع اللحم ومها الريش المشهورة ولحم اللوكم وهو أكثر طلبا.  في فرع أصغر لهذا المطعم واسمه ان-برقر وهو متخصص بالبرقر وفيه بعض الستيكات الموجودة في مطعم نوسريت.
Address:  Etiler Mh., Büyükhanlı Etiler Sitesi No:6, Beşiktaş

Sunday, April 27, 2014

My Stay at Ciragan Palace Kempinski - Istanbul, Turkey

During my trip to Istanbul, Turkey, I wanted to try another hotel, a style very much different than the first, someplace by the Bosphorus, right next to Ortokoy.  And I'm glad I did, seeing that the demonstrations at the time ended very close to The House Hotel Nisantasi.  My choice was the ultra luxurious Ciragan Palace Kempinski Hotel which used to be a former palace 300 years ago.  To this day, this hotel retains its reputation for being the best in Istanbul, so much that royal families around the globe stay here when visiting the city.  I heard it has one of the most expensive suite in the world.  Staying at this rather expensive hotel was worth it in relation to the service I got in return.  I was treated royally, even more than how we were used to be taken care of in the Maldives. A pampered and much relaxed stay at the rather classic bedroom, which was not to my taste, but then again I knew I would be staying at a classically designed hotel.  The staff are extra helpful and friendly and I enjoyed walking around the facilities and gardens so much.  I would not mind staying here again.
خلال رحلتي لاسطنبول انتقلنا فندق ثاني مختلف تماما عن الفندق الأول من ناحية تصميم ومستوى وموقع.  كان بخاطري اسكن على البوسفور ولحظي اني اخترت الفندق الأول في اسطنبول وهو فندق قصر شيرآن كمبنسكي وهو من أغلى فنادق العالم وأرقاها لدرجة ان الكثير من الملوك ورؤساء الدول يختارون يسكنون في هذا الفندق الي كان قصر قبل 300 سنة.  الفندق يقع بالقرب من اورتكوي.  مع ان التصميم ما حبيته لأن كلاسيكي لكن كنت أعرف هالشي قبل السكن والمعاملة الملكية عوضت هذا الشي.  الخدمات فوق الممتازة والأكل والحدائق وكل شي عجبني وما عندي مانع أسكن فيه مرة ثانية.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Monera Al Mudhaf SS2014

Monera Al Mudhaf's new Summer 2014 Ramadan Collection, which will be displayed in Hala Ramadan Expo 20-22nd April 2014
تشكيلة منيرة المضف المضانية الجديدة والتي ستعرض في معرض هلا رمضان اكسبو ابريل 20-22 




Sun and Sandals Photoshoot and Exhibition

Sun and Sandals are specialized swimwear fabric suppliers who also supply Billabong, speedo and many other popular swimwear lines. 
They will be having a booth in 360 mall at the Hala Ramdhan Expo from April 20th to April 22th 10 am to 10am.

سن اند ساندلز ماركة كويتية مشهوره في الكويت بانها تنفرد ب المايوهات الاسلامية و الاكسسوارات للنساء
    توفر سن اند ساندلز الخامات من الخارج مخصصة للسباحة من نفس المصنع للماركات العالمية  بيلابونج  و سبيدو و ماركات لملابس السباحة اخرى
زوروهم  في معرض " هلا رمضان" ٣٦٠ مول من ٢٠ ابريل الى ٢٢ ابريل من  ١٠ صباحا الى ١٠ مساءا

The Photoshoot 
Photographed by @loulwa_photo
Art directed and edited by @theamayzing 
Instagram: @sun_and_sandals 
Whatsapp: 97991245