Sunday, March 23, 2014

My Stay at The House Hotel Nisantasi - Istanbul, Turkey

The House Hotel was our choice since our first trip to Istanbul, but we had to change to stay at both W and The Sofa Hotel.  For this trip there was no question that we stay at The House Hotel in Nisantasi, having  great location right on top of Prada.  The street were it was located on had lots of luxury, other great boutiques, and good restaurants. Their staff were also really helpful and sweet.  The best thing about this hotel was the room, it was the best I stayed in in Istanbul! Even better than the next grand luxury hotel I next stayed in.  Just to be fair, I chose a larger than the standard room, the Deluxe King room and these were located in the middle (as seen in picture with the three terraces) and had large ceiling to floor windows and were really spacious.  Given the price I was extremely content with this choice.  The toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotion, and shower gel) were exclusivly made for the hotel by Lokum, a boutique in Bebek (theres another branch in London's Knightsbridge) that specilized in perfumes, candles and Turkish delight.  The products in the hotel all had the fragrance of mastic or Turkish delight, which was just perfect, for a modern Turkish brand boutique hotel.  The House Hotel, like The Sofa Hotel, is a member of Design Hotels.
من آخر زيارة لنا لإسطنبول كان ودنا نسكن في فندق البوتيك ذا هاوس لكن ظروفنا ما اسمحتلنا واخترنا فندق دابليو وفندق ذا سوفا. وخلال سفرتنا قررنا ان هالمرة نسكن في ذا هاوس فرع نيشانتشي واللي يقع فوق برادا وحوله محلات ومطاعم كثيرة.  أكثر شي عجبني في الفندق هو الغرفة وانا اخترت الغرفة الديلوكس وهي أكبر من الغرفة العادية ومكانها في كل طابق في نص الفندق وفيها درايش كبيرة من السقف الى الأرض و 3 بلكونات (الصورة) وسعرها ممتاز على حجم الغرفة. ومستحضرات الحمام خصيصا من محل لوكم في منطقة بيبيك (عنده فرع في نايتسبريدج لندن) ومعطرة رائحتها المستكة أو الحلقوم والي هو ما يمتاز  فيه المحل بالإضافة الى العطورات والشموع. فندق ذا هاوس هو عضو في مجموعة فنادق ديزاين (مثل فندق ذا هاوس)

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