Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Friend's Experience: Armani Hotel Milano - Italy

One of my dear followers has requested some information because she was planning a trip to Italy.  She was kind enough to share some photos from her experince.  And so in the following days I will be providing her reviews from Milan, Venice, and Florence.  Armani Hotel was her choice for Milan, and the next time I will visit it will be one of the hotels I stay in.  She rates it as an excellent hotel which she has an excellent experience in.  Adding the excellent location (which is one of the reasons I advised her to stay here) and great customer service.
أحد متابعيني العزيزين علي طلبت معلومات عن ايطاليا وعطيتها اللي قدرت عليه وحبت تشاركني بتجربتها بالبلوق.  في الأيام الياية راح أحط عن تجربتها وصورها الرائعة غي ميلانو وفينيسيا وفلورنسا.  نعود الى فندق أرماني في ميلانو واللي عجبها وتقول ان "تجربة ممتازة وموقع ممتاز الخدمة جدا رائعة".


  1. Love it �� can you post pics for the best restaurants and cafes in Milan.

  2. have you more pictures armani hotel and video