Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Minamoto Kitchoan - London, UK

What I bought
Hakutoumochi. Soft glutinous rice (mochi) filled with peach bean paste
Syocoramochi. Chocolate dusted rice glutinous (mochi) filled with pure chocolate
Ayashirabi. Japanese cake filled with milky white bean paste
There's an advantage to staying very close to Piccadilly Street in London, and that is to come across Minamoto Kitchoan.  I'm a big fan of Japanese dessert maybe even more than their food.  Its because their ingredients are very exotic and tasty, the kind of ingredients you might never come across, very native to their own country.  I once had this sweet shop in my list, but removed it once I found a commercal Asian mini mart in front of W Hotel, when I was staying there.  But the 'Wagashi' sweets in Minamoto Kitchoan is nothing compared to the ones I got from that mart.  They were so delicious and fresh with near ending expiry dates, because they were sent all the way from Japan, that I went twice during my trip to London.  I liked all of the Wagashi sweets, but my ultimate favorites were the Ayashirabe (in pictures above)and the Shirogasane (mini pancakes sandwich with green tea bean paste filling in grouped bought sweets picture).
ميزة اني سكنت بالقرب من شارع بيكاديلي هو اني اكتشفت مكان كان ودي أمره من قبل جم سنة وهو محل الحلويات اليابانية اسمه ميناموتو كيتجوان.  وكوني محبة للحلو الياباني استانست من المحل واللي له أفرع حول العالم ومن لذة الحلو رحت للمحل مرتين خلال سفرتي وأيضا لأن الحلو طازج من اليايان وينتهي تاريخ الصلاحية بسرعة.  كل الأنواع اعجبتني وبالأخص حلو الـ أياشيرابي وهو كعك ياباني محشي بمعجون فاصوليا بيضاء بطعم الحليب وعجبني أيضا الشيروقاساني وهو سندويش صغيرة من البنانكيك الميني محشي بمعجون الفاصوليا الحمرا بنكهة الشاي الأخضر.

Address:  44 Piccadilly Street

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