Thursday, February 20, 2014

Masala Zone in Covent Garden - London, UK

I think this was called a Bhalla Papdi Chaat
Grand Prawn Thali
Chicken Biryani with Daal
Butter Chicken
Rasmalai with Masala Chai
Lassi Vanilla Yogurt Drink
Masala Zone is a casual restaurant in London, UK that serves real Indian food, the kind you find in Indian homes served in the same way it is eaten at home in the case of the Thali platter, and street food.  Its a younger sibling to Veeraswamy (to the first Indian restaurant in London), Chutney Mary, and Amaya (a modern Indian hotspot which I've been to twice already). There are six branches around the city and we chose to dine in the one situated in Covent Garden because it had the most appealing and fun interiors out of the bunch, as each was decorated differently. I was craving papdi chaat or anything that had tamarind and yogurt, it was the kind of flavors I crave strongly from time to time, and this was just the place to satisfy my cravings.  In addition to craving Indian food, London in my opinion is the best place to have the best Indian food (aside of India ofcourse).  Another pupose of me choosing Masala Zone, is that I would love to experience eating out of the traditional Thali platter, the way Indian families had their meals at home, on a tray with tiny balls with chutnies, sauces, and condiments, rice, and a main curry.  Their dessert and lassi were really good.  Highly recommended.
ماسالا زون هو مطعم هندي في لندن يقدم أكلات هندية بطريقة تقليدية مثل ما تتناولها العائلة الهندية في البيت وأيضا يقدم مأكولات الشارع الهندي.  المطعم تابع لمطاعم فيراسوامي (أول وأقدم مطعم هندي في لندن) وجوتني ماري ومطعم أمايا (أكل هندي حديث واللي كليت . فيه مرتين). لدا ماسالا زون 6 أفرع فاخترنا فرع كوفنت قاردن لأن ديكوره عجبني مع ألعاب دمى هندية معلقة على السقف.  كنت مشتهية آكل الرقائق الباردة اللي عليها روب وتمر هند واضافة الى ان ودي أجرب آكل من صينية نفس طريقتهم.  أكلهم كله ممتاز من صينية كاري الربيان الى مرقة الباتر جيكين الى برياني الدجاج والحلويات.

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