Monday, February 17, 2014

Amorino in Soho - London, UK

Constantly hearing about the famed Amorino Gelato and their rose petals like ice scream, I never had the chance to try them, and repeatedly forgot to try their gelato every time I went to London and then recently while on a trip to Nice, France, I got the chance to have my first Amorino gelato.  Back to London posting, after having lunch in Soho, I came across Amorino's Soho branch and was thankful I didn't have dessert at the restaurant.  As usual I got dark chocolate and hazelnut flavors. Delizioso!
كانت أول تجربة لي لأمورينو من خلال زيارتي لنيس في فرنسا الصيف الماضي وكنت دايما أبي أجربه لكن أنسى أمره في لندن.  كان حضي حلو يوم مريت عليه بعد ما خلصت غداء في سوهو وما كنت محلية فقلنا نحلي جيلاتو.  وكالعادة اخترت الككاو الداكن ونكهة البندق.

Address: 41 Old Compton Street, Soho

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