Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My Stay at Conrad Dubai Hotel - UAE

As one who loves to experience and discovers new places, again I stayed somewhere new.  A place that just opened three months ago.  Against my rule of staying by the sea, we wanted somewhere very close to the center of Dubai, UAE, so we can save time that may be lost as a result of a further location or due to traffic.  Conrad Dubai Hotel is located on Shaikh Zayed Road right next to Fairmount Hotel.  Theres a train station right below and is  close to key locations in dubai, therefore perfect for my companions and myself.  The room was really nice, not as spacious as I've been used to in Dubai, but bigger than most rooms I've slumbered in in Europe.  The service was excellent for a new hotel, we got our room as soon as we arrived the hotel an hour or two before stated check in time.  In addition we got a room on a very high level, 37th floor, plus a room with "sea view".  Yes, the sea is too far away, but the view is specyacular, no skyscrapers blocking our view, everything was too tiny down below, and as you can glimpse in the last photo, we are just high enough to see the World Islands project, a 300 private man made islands, which is still in the making and been for a while now.  The only bad thing about this hotel was the breakfast, which isn't the fault of the hotel, but we had to wait in line to get a table, and it seems everyone in the hotel wanted to have it in the same time, even though it was ahuge restaurant, it was extremely busy and very crowded.  Getting to Dubai Mall or City Walk took less than five minutes by car and it took less than 10 min to the airport.
اللي متابع المدونه راح يعزف اني أحب أسكن بالقرب من البحر هالمرة حبينا نكسب وقت في رحلتنا القصيرة ونتفادى الزحمة والطريق الطويل فقررنا نسكن في فندق كونراد الجديد واللي فتح من 3 أشهر.  يقع الفندق على شارع الشيخ زايد وخدمة الفندق ممتازة لدرجة حصلنا على غرفة فورا عند وصولنا مع ان وصلنا ساعة أو ساعتين قبل موعد استلام الغرفة غير ان عطونا غرفة في دور عالي ومطلة على جهة البحر.  كنا نقدر نشوف مشروع جزر العالم من غرفتنا.  عيب الفندق الوحيد واللي هو ما كان ذنبهم ان الفطور حاشنا طابور لأن كل نزلاء الفندق كانوا موجودين ولما قعدنا الوضع كان زحمة وازعاج مع ان المطعم كان كبير.  مدة الطريق الى دبي مول وسيتي ووك هو أقل من 5 دقائق بالسيارة وأقل من 10 الى المطار.

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  1. Wow! The Conrad hotel is no less than paradise on Earth! And your pictures are the best evidences for it! I will travel to Dubai next month and I have made up my mind to plan my stay at the Conrad hotel! Apart from the beauty, it is of equal importance to take care of the environment. Hence, I hope the in-house restaurant uses eco friendly products for take away orders!