Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Edo Cafe - Dubai, UAE

After having lunch at Mo's, we wanted to have dessert somewhere else while we were still in Dubai's City Walk.  So we went for Edo, a cafe that specializes in mochi, which I'm a big fan.  They have two types of mochi, a type that's filled with ice cream, and another that,s filled with cream.  The mochi comes all the way from Tokyo, so they're not locally made.  I had the green tea ice cream mochi and it was just as I imagined. My company said their coffee was good and the cream filled mochi was really something.  The shop also has some nice gifts all the way from Japan like the Japanese dolls and tea.
بعد ما تغدينا في مطعم موز في سيتي ووك في دبي, قررنا نحلي في مقهى ثاني في السيتي ووك.  اخترنا مقهى ايدو واللي هو متخصص بحلو الموتشي اللي أحبه وايد.  عنده نوعين من الموتشي.   نوع محشي بالآيس كريم ونوع محشي بالآيس كريم واصلهم من طوكيو يعني ما يصنعونه في دبي.  اخترت موتشي الآيس كريم الشاي الأخضر وكان لذيذ مثل ما توقعت واللي معاي طلبت موتشي بالكريمه وعجبها وقهوتهم حلوة.

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