Thursday, December 12, 2013

Los Bandidos - Marbella, Spain

 Peeled Western Kind Prawns "Pil Pil" with Garlic, Chili, and Herbs
 Viennese Style Veal Escalope
 Fondue Bourguignonne
Creme Brulee
Chocolate Mousse

If you ask anyone I know, they will tell you how much I love Los Bandidos restaurant in Puerto Banus Marbella, Spain.  Every summer since I was really young, I have to go at least once to this rustic Scandinavian restaurant in posh Puerto Banus.  Reservations are made far ahead, if you're lucky 2 days in advance would do.  My dish hasn't changed, its always been the veal escalope.  The taste to me is too nostalgic I wouldn't try anything besides this dish.  Another thing that attracts me is the flower pots hanging upside down on the ceiling of the restaurant and the cramped feel of an old house.  I just wish they never get to change anything about it like most renovations that happened in that area.  The last time I visited I tried a new dish, the Fondue Bourguignonne, which is not what I expected.  I was craving cheese fondue, but if I paid much attention to the menu I would've noticed that it was a different kind of fondue.  The pot was filled with sizzling oil, and it came with a plate of raw beef cubes and vegetables, six kinds of sauces, and fries.  I had to cook the raw meat and veggies while sitting in a cramped full restaurant, so naturally I reeked of cooking oil and had to move away whenever the meat touched the scorching hot oil to avoid being getting burned by splatter.  With all the "cooking" I did, the meat was really good, but I had a bad time eating it all, apparently it was supposed to be served for a minimum of two person, and nobody wanted to share.  It was a new experience in itself
مطعم لوس بانديدوس في بورتو بانوس هو مطعمي المفضل في ماربيا من كنت صغيرة أروح له على الأقل مرة كل صيف وأطلب نفس الطلب في كل مرة والي هو طبق السكلوب ميلنيز والي يذكرني بطفولتي.  أحب ان الطابع الريفي القديم في المطعم ما  تغير والضيق والخشب والورد المعلق على السقف كلها تزيد من روعة هذا المكان.  في آخر زيارة لي جربت طبق جديد وهو الفوندو. ظنيت ان الطبق هو نفسه الأكلة السويسرية فوندو الجبن ولكن انصدمت ان ماعون الفوندو فيه زيت طبخ حار وعلى جنب كان لحم وخضروات نية, وان الطبق يصلح لشخصين على الأقل والمشكلة محد كان يبي يشاركني الطبق فاضطريت اني آكله  بروحي.  المهم كان جدا طيب لكن مشكلته ريحة الي على الطاولة صارت ريحة زيت قلي بالإضافة بأن الزيت حار جدا لدرجة ان يتطاير الزيت أول ما تحط اللحم عليه.

 Address:  Muelle Rivera 35, Puerto Banus, Marbella, Spain
Opening Hours: 7:00pm - late

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