Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Iniala Beach House - Phuket, Thailand

Iniala Beach House is a private residence in Phuket, Thailand available to rent entirely or by individual villa or Penthouse Suite with great views of the Andaman Sea. It is situated on Natai Beach just 20 minutes away from Phuket Airport.  The resort comprises of three villas each with their own spa, and one Iniala penthouse suite. A true masterpiece of design fusing traditional Thai architecture with organic, contemporary forms created by designers from Spain, Ireland, Britain, South America and Thailand.  Every bedroom and living space is designed completely different from one another.
منتجع انيالا الجديد في بوكيت بتايلند فيه خصوصية وهو متوفر للأجلر كاملا أو أجار فيلا كاملة أو بينتهاوس سويت وهو يتألف من 3 فلل (كل فيلا مزودة بسبا خاص بها) وبينتهاوس سويت واحد.  والفيلا متألفة من أكثر من غرفة. يبعد المنتجع 20 دقيقة من المطار. يمزج المنتجه بين تراث تايلند والحداثة.


  1. Wow, it's my own dream that I also have a house on inside the beach.. Hope so the day will come soon when I will sit my home or looking the beautiful scene of beach in front of my house..

  2. Fabulous blog.Really i always think that i had a house that are also inside the beach..I'm just so happy to see this post..