Thursday, December 5, 2013

Gaudi's Barcelona

He is the father of Catalan Modernism, Anotoni Gaudi was an architect that left behind treasures that to most, like me, make up Barcelona.  It is actually one of the reasons I wanted to visit Barcelona so bad.
A gem not much hidden in Passeig de Gracia that was a result of being completely remodeled by Gaudi and Joseph Maria Jujol inside and outside to turn into an unusual and extreme looking building.  Gaudi avoided using straight lines and used a bones and skulls on the facade of the building's pillars and balconies. Much color is seen around with the use of colorful broken tiles to mirror the colors of marine life. There are always tons of people standing outside watching this masterpiece in awe and taking pictures, night and day. 
Barcelona's most symbolic creation, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site which Gaudi dedicated more than 40 years of his life for and it is the place where his remains are buried.  A site that is not yet finished to this date, with construction work still ongoing.  The church project was made up of two opposite detailed and differently designed facades, the Passion Facade with straight lines and simple dedicated to the suffering of Christ and to show the sins of man, and the Nativity Facade, detailed and use flora and fauna.  Both facades are completed. Work started on another facade called Glory Facade more than a dacade ago.  Inside the church is as faschinating as the exterior especially the roof of the nave which shows the use of natures with tree and branches as columns.
Passion Facade
Nativity Facade

A six story building located in Passeig de Gracia, which was built for a married couple, with the help of Josep Maria Jujol, Gaudi planned this project to be a spirtual symbol.  Casa Mila, like Casa Bastlo, has no straight lines.  The rooftop has ventilation shafts that are shaped like the helmets of medieval knights.  This building is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
A park that was commissioned by Eusebi G├╝ell who wanted to create a stylish park for Barcelona aristocracy and Gaudi used his imagination o create its architectural elements.  There is lots of use of colorful mosaic around the park, and at the roof area is a large terrace with great views of Barcelona.  Another UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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