Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Dinner at Comerc 24 Restaurant - Barcelona, Spain

Monkfish with Black Sesame and Garlic
Winter Salad with flowers, truffles, greens, and strawberries
Filo Parma Lime and Basil
Consomme with egg, truffle, and parmesan
"Kinder Egg"
Beef cheeks
Complementary dessert that we couldn't fully appreciate because of reaching our limit in food consumption
One of our much awaited dinners in Barcelona, Spain was the one we had in Carles Abellan's (a pupil to celebrated Catalan chef Ferran Adria) Comerc 24.  The chic luxury tapas and mini portions Michelin starred restaurant located in a quarter in El Born.  When we were seated we learned that there was a concept of surprise 12 course meal, and that we weren't supposed to know what the dish was until it arrived to the table.  So we mentioned to them everything we couldn't have so they would apply it to our menu.  Even though we had a hard time getting used to some dishes like the flower salad, we left extremely satisfied but extremely full.  Having too many dishes made it hard for us to get to dessert, because we had the huge cheese platter before that, so we forced our way through dessert.  I liked that at the beginning, they brought in a tray with a variety of olive oils, each coming from a different district, accompanying the bread.  This restaurant is definitely a must if you want to dine in a trendy place that also has high clientele.  Reservations (link) are advisable.
 إحدى المطاعم اللي كنا منتظرينها من وصلنا  برشلونه كان مطعم الشيف  كارلز أبيلان (إحدى تلاميد الشيف الكاتالوني الشهير فيران أدريا) كوميرس 24 الواقع في منطقة ايل بورن. يقدم المطعم ذو نجمة ميشيلين أطباق التاباز الراقية والأطباق الصغيرة وفكرته تقديم منيو مفاجىء بكثير من الأطباق بدون معرفة الزبون عنها ويأخذون المكونات الغير مرغوبة والعمل بأطباق ملائمة للأذواق. كان المنيو   مكون من 12 طبق غير الأطباق  الكومبليمينتري من صينية الأجبان المختلفة وأطباق الحلو.  بالبداية قدموا لنا صينية زيت بالعديد من أنواع زيت الزيتون من مناطق ودول مختلفة مع الخبز.  شبعنا قبل الوصول الى الأجبان والحلو وكان الأكل غريب الى حد ما مثل سلطة الورد ولكن كل شي بالنهاية كان ممتاز.   المطعم يستحق التجربة ويستوجب الحجز.

Address: Carrer Commerc 24
Opening hours: Tues - Sat: lunch 1:30 - 3:30pm
                                         dinner 8:30 - 11:00 pm

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