Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Farm - Dubai, UAE

The Farm is the place to head to unwind. And then have lunch.  Its part of the Albarari Villas, a beautiful green haven in the midst of the hot Emarati desert not far from the city.  The place is so beautiful, you just can't push the urge to walk around the greenery before having a meal, but I do advice you check the place out after done with lunch due to the long queues during the weekends.  We were seated after a 30 min wait.  International and mostly Asian food was served, and you get to choose from the iPads provided.  The place is spacious and there's a mini mart in the restaurant, probably organic items.  I had the lemongrass shrimp salad and the Farm Meat Lovers Pasta, and they were both delicious.  You can reserve through their website (link provided above).
من أجمل الأماكن اللي زرتها في دبي هو مطعم ذا فارم في البراري.  مكان المطعم قمة في الشراحة والجمال من النباتات والأشجار والورد.  المكان مزدحم خلال عطلة نهاية الأسبوع واضطرينا ننطر نص ساعة للجلوس.  الأكل عالمي وبالأخص آسيوي ولذيذ اخترت سلطة الربيان بالليمون قراس وباستا ذا فارم لمحبي اللحوم وكان الطبقين ممتازين وحتى أطباق الجميع.  يوجد منجات غذائية للبيع في المطعم واذا اردتوا الحجز تستطيعون الحجز من خلال هذا الرابط.

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  1. on my list, mashalaa no matter how many times we go to Dubai, theres always some place new to discover