Friday, October 18, 2013

My Stay at Mandarin Oriental - Barcelona, Spain

My stay at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Barcelona, Spain was very satisfying.  First of all, and most importantly, the location was perfect, right in the heart of Passeig de Gracia, closer to Placa de Catalunya than our first hotel, Hotel Omm.  The hotel's design is spectacular, and you feel this even before entering the hotel, and then while walking on its bridge, and then its fragrant lobby and halls, to its gorgeous room.  The scent in the hotel is dreamy, when asked what it was, they said its an amber room spray which is available at the hotel spa.  The breakfast is also really good and the place its served in is beautiful.  There's a two Michelin star restaurant in the hotel called Moments, but we didn't have the time to dine in it.
فندقنا الثاني في برشلونه بعد فندق أوم هو فندق ماندرين أورينتل وأنصح فيه بقوة.  كان فندق ممتاز من كذا جانب وأولهم موقع الفندق في قلب شارع قراسيا وقريب من بلازا دي كاتلونيا وليس مثل الفندق الأول.  وديكور الفندق روعة ومبين  من الخارج والجسر الى داخل الفندق ومن ثم الغرفة.  رائحة الفندق وممراته عمبر والرائحة تباع في  سبا الفندق. الفطور وقاعة الفطور رائعة.  لدى الفندق مطعم مشهور ذو نجمتين ميشلين ولكن ما جربناه.

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  1. mashalaah, such a beautiful hotel, I love the corner chair surrounded with the curtain, inspiring me for my new room