Friday, July 5, 2013

Nobu Berkley - London, UK

Nobu Berkley restaurant in london isn't the only Nobu venue in London, but its the hippest and the design is really something.  If you've already been to the one in The Metropolitan Hotel, this place is quite different in atmosphere.  All the food was great, and some of the dishes were identical to some dishes I had in other Nobu places outside the UK.
مطعم نوبو بيركلي وهو كائن فب مايفير في لندن يستحق الزيارة. الديكور والأكل والمكان روعة. حتى لوكنتوا زايرين فرع نوبو في فندق المتروبولينان فمطعم نوبو الي يقع في شارع بيركلي يستحق العناء.
Matcha green tea
Address: 15 Berkley Street

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