Sunday, May 19, 2013

MEATliquor - London, UK

MEATliquor is one of the places we were dying to try in London based on many many reviews and recommendations.  It is as they say really good. The place is a bit dark very much a bar, with loud graffiti and art.  We had cheeseburgers, fried chicken burgers, huge onion rings, and fries, which was all served casually on a metal tray.  I would eat there more than twice in one trip if I didn't have a long list of restaurants!
مطعم ميت ليكور في لندن مطعم مدحه الكثير وحبينا نجربه.  الجو داخل المطعم مظلم أغاني عالية وفن شوارع والمكان أشبه بالبار. الأكل كان لذيذ طلبنا الجيز برجر وبرجر الدجاج المقلي وبطاط مقلي وحلقا البصل الكبير.

Address: 74 Welbeck Street
Opening times:  Monday - Thurseday 12 - 12:00
                        Friday and Saturday :12 – 2 am
                        Sunday 12 – 10 pm

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