Thursday, May 23, 2013

Afternoon Tea at Sketch The Parlour - London, UK

The best afternoon tea experience I ever had.  The snacks, the dessert, the decor, the atmosphere, the staff friendliness.  Sketch, created by restaurateur Momo's Mourad Mazouz, by itself is a chic and trendy place, with 5 main rooms, each having a different concept, a combination of Michelin starred food and art.  I never had a meal there except for afternoon tea in my last visit to London.  Everything was delicious, unique dishes with so much flavor which tickles your senses.  We were lucky to have the best table there.  
أحلى أفترنون تي جربناه في لندن هو من سكيتج وهو مبنى بجورين فيه 5 غرق وكل غرفة لها طابع مختلف, اما مطعم أو قهوة.    وهو من ابتكار صاحب المطاعم المشهور في لندن مراد معزوز.  كل شي كان لذيذ وبنكهات وطعم غريب لكن جدا طيب.  ولحظنا حصلنا على أحلى طاولة هناك.
marshmallows in different flavors including gingerbread

Address: 9 Conduit Street

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