Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Cavalli Cafe Preview

I got an email a few days ago inviting me to the soft opening blogger's preview of Cavalli Cafe, which is located facing the Prestige at the Grand Avenues of The Avenues.  This was my first time to dine at a Roberto Cavalli venue, and having to do with a fashion label,  I was glad to be a part of it.  Kuwait is the third destination, after Beirut and Delhi, to be the home of the Cavalli Cafe, marking us once more on the map. I loved the private-like experience.  Everyone was sweet and nice, especially Mr. Lorenzo, the manager, we had a little chat and he wanted to make sure we had a great time.  The food was really good.  I had the creamy tomato soup, buffalo mozzarella, crispy risotto with bolonaise sauce, and the lasagna.  Its been a while since I had a traditional Italian meal thus my choices.  My friend and blogger friend had different choices and the thing that was liked a lot by them was the carpaccio, eggplant starter, and truffle pasta.  Our juice choices were delicious, I had the green apple drink (apple, lime, pineapple).
وصلتني ايميل دعوة لحظور عشاء تجربة قهوة كفالي للمدونين في الجراند آفنيوز.  كانت أول مرة لي آكل في مطعم أو قهوة لروبرتو كفالي وكانت تجربه حلوة.  فرع الكويت هو الفرع الثالث بالعالم والديكور مشابه لمقهى بيروت وديلهي.  الكل كان لطيف وخدوم بالأخص السيد لورنزو والي هو مدير القهوة.  الأكل كان حلو, طلباتي كانت ايطاليه تقليدية.  أطباق صديقاتي والي عجبتهم هم الكارباتشيو وطبق الأبيتايزر بالباذنجان والباستا بالترفل أو الفقع.  العصاير كانت لذيذة ومنعشة وكان اختياري لعصير التفاح يحنوي على الليمون الأخضر والأناناس.
Creamy tomato soup with goat cheese
Buffalo mozarella
Crispy risotto with bolonaise sauce
Truffle pasta
Chicken Scallopine with Lemon Sauce
Chocolate and cherry dessert
Chocolate Fondant 
Coffee Creme Brulee 

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