Sunday, March 17, 2013

My Stay at One & Only The Palm (Part I) - Dubai, UAE

I had a post previously on my visit to One & Only The Palm when it first opened and having breakfast there, which is one of the best by the way.  So I finally had a chance to stay at this wonderful hotel.  A full weekend wasn't enough! We still feel like we wanted to stay longer in their spacious beautiful rooms.  Its made up to be like a resort with bigger villas accommodating rooms and suites. The two cons to to this hotel that its extremely pricey in relation to other hotels in Dubai and that its really far ( at the end of The Palm Jumeirah).  The distance won't mean a thing if you're planning on staying inside the resort or The Palm area.  I've mentioned once before that I stayed 4-5 times in One & Only Royal Mirage The Arabian Court, but this is much different, although both are really peaceful.
كنت كاتبة قبل سنتين عن زيارتي لفندق وان اند اونلي النخلة عند افتتاحه وأخيراً طلعتلي فرصة للسكن فيه.  عطلة نهاية الأسبوع ما . ما كانت تكفي حبينا غرفتهم الوسيعة والشرحة.  طريقة الفندق مثل المنتجع بأن الغرف موجودة داخل فلل.  عيب الفندق انه غالي مقارنة بفنادق دبي (نفس مستوى جميرا زعبيل سراي) وانه بعيد لأنه يقع في آخر النخلة.  ذكرت من قبل اني سكنت في وان اند اونلي رويال ميراج ارابيان كورت 4-5 مرات ولمن الفندقين يختلفون عن بعض الا من ناحية الهدوء.
Welcome drink
Walking around the resort

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