Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bateel Cafe - Dubai, UAE

Bateel Cafe is my favorite cafe in Dubai Mall. The reson for that other than that it has a great view of the mall's waterfall, is that it serves Qahwa or Arabic coffee the traditional way in a dallah pot, and it is by far the best Arabic coffee I had outside of my country and in a cafe nontheless!  Bateel is known to be a dates and chocolate gourmet shop I used toshop in for more than a decade whenever I'm abroad in the Gulf area, and now it several cafes around United Arab of Emirates in addition to one in Saudi Arabia.  They serve their delicious Arabic coffee with a couple of really large dates, which are so juicy and sweet and like something I have never tried before.  The cafe serves lunch and dinner, but I prefer to sit there for a coffee break from shopping in the huge mall.
 بتيل كافيه هو المقهى المفضل لدي في دبي مول.  الموقع حلو بجانب شلالات المجمع بالاضافة الى أنه يقدم ألذ وأطيب قهوة عربية جربتها خارج الكويت.  تقدم القهوة العربية في الطريقة التقليدية بالدلة مع قطع التمر الكبيرة واللذيذة جداً.  بتيل كان محل يختص بالتمر والحلويات ومنتجات جورميه قبل أن يفتح مقهى والآن لديه كذا أفرع في دبي ومقهى واحد في السعودية.  يقدم المقهى وجبة الغداء والعشاء لكني ما جربته.

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