Thursday, March 14, 2013

Assk Kahve - Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul's Assk Kahve or Ishq Cafe (the word means 'love'), is the perfect cafe in a perfect setting.  Extremely popular with the locals and tourists. I'm talking about the Bosphorus branch, which is the main one.  Sitting in their outside seating area for breakfast or just to have tea any time of the day is a must when visiting Istanbul. And the views of the Bosphorus are magnificent. There's another branch in Nisantasi.
قهوة عشق في اسطنبول هي الأشهر والأفضل من ناحية الأجواء المطلة على البوسفور.  القعدة بره للافطار أو للشاي والقهوه روعة ولا تتطوف عند زيارة اسطنبول.  يوجد فرع آخر في شارع نيشانتشي.
(First three photos taken from cafe's main website and another website)
Address:  Muallim Naci Cd No:64, Beşiktaş
Opening hours: 9:00am - 2:00am (everyday except monday 12:00-2:00am)

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