Sunday, March 24, 2013

Armani / Amal - Dubai, UAE

When I stayed at Armani Hotel Dubai (post) couple of years ago, I never had the chance to try out any of the hotel's restaurants.  And ever since I always wanted to dine there.  We finally got the chance to have dinner at Armani / Amal, the Indian restaurant there. Its a spacious restaurant with terrace seating if the weather is good you can enjoy the views from your table in Burj Khalifa. Everything was really good, the appetisers were in small quantities but that was good, seeing that Indian food was really heavy and we were worried about having it for dinner rather than lunch.  My order of the virgin violet mojito is unforgettable.  The service was excellent and the servers were extremely helpful.
تجربتي في مطعم أرماني/أمل الهندي في فندق أرماني دبي (زيارني للفندق قبل سنتين)  كانت ناجحة. الأكل كله لذيذ والكميات قليلة وهذا الشي من صالحنا لأن ما نفضل ناكل ونثقل بالهندي على العشاء (المطعم يفتح للعشاء بس).  المطعم كبير وشرح وفيه قعدة على البلكونه بمناظر حلوه.  فوق ان الأكل عجبني ما أنسى شراب الفيرجن موهيتو بنكهة وردة الفيوليت.  الخدمة ممتازة جدا.
Violet virgin mojito
Saffron Rasmalai
Masala tea and complimentary gift
Address: Armani Dubai Hotel, Downtown Dubai
Tel.: 04 8883444
Opening times: 7:00pm - 11:00pm

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