Sunday, March 31, 2013

Voi - Dubai, UAE

Voi is named one of the top restaurant in Dubai, UAE.  Located in Jumeirah Zabeel Saray,  this elegant colonial style Vietnamese French restaurant is a challenge to people used to the traditional.  I have to say we had a hard time making our choices although I love the Asian cuisine, this is much different than what I am used to.  Nonetheless this experience was a good one, but my photos was really bad and I couldn't show everything we had.
فو هو من افضل وأرقى المطاعم في دبي.  يقع المطعم في فندق جميرا زعبيل سراي وهو مطعم فيتنامي وفرنسي.  الكثير قد يجد صعوبة في اختيار الأطباق لغرابتها ولكن كل ما طلبنا كان لذيذ.  للأسف لم أتمكن من تصوير جميع أطباقنا.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Flower Post: ِA Wedding

Last week I attended this beautiful reception for a wedding.  I really wanted to get some good shots of the flower arrangements and decorations to use in my flower post but couldn't (except for the first photo).  Luckily my friend, Trendspots, the fashion-gramer, shared with me some of her beautiful shots for this elegant event to use in this post. Loved the colors and of course why wouldn't I when one of my favorite flowers, Hydrangeas are used.  Thank you Trendspots for a spectacular reception!  For more pictures on the event check her instagram account.
الاسبوع اللي طاف رخت حفلة استقبال في فندق الشيراتون وعجبني الديكور وتنسيق الورد الراقي لكن ما حصلي أصور الا صورة وحدة.  لحسن حظي صديقتي تريندسبوتس (مدونة في انستقرام)  وفرتلي صور لأستخدمها.  شكراَ  تريندسبوتس.  المزيد من الصور في حسابها في الانستقرام.                           

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bateel Cafe - Dubai, UAE

Bateel Cafe is my favorite cafe in Dubai Mall. The reson for that other than that it has a great view of the mall's waterfall, is that it serves Qahwa or Arabic coffee the traditional way in a dallah pot, and it is by far the best Arabic coffee I had outside of my country and in a cafe nontheless!  Bateel is known to be a dates and chocolate gourmet shop I used toshop in for more than a decade whenever I'm abroad in the Gulf area, and now it several cafes around United Arab of Emirates in addition to one in Saudi Arabia.  They serve their delicious Arabic coffee with a couple of really large dates, which are so juicy and sweet and like something I have never tried before.  The cafe serves lunch and dinner, but I prefer to sit there for a coffee break from shopping in the huge mall.
 بتيل كافيه هو المقهى المفضل لدي في دبي مول.  الموقع حلو بجانب شلالات المجمع بالاضافة الى أنه يقدم ألذ وأطيب قهوة عربية جربتها خارج الكويت.  تقدم القهوة العربية في الطريقة التقليدية بالدلة مع قطع التمر الكبيرة واللذيذة جداً.  بتيل كان محل يختص بالتمر والحلويات ومنتجات جورميه قبل أن يفتح مقهى والآن لديه كذا أفرع في دبي ومقهى واحد في السعودية.  يقدم المقهى وجبة الغداء والعشاء لكني ما جربته.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Flower Post VII

Pink and fuchsia rose flower arrangement from a new born baby reception.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Armani / Amal - Dubai, UAE

When I stayed at Armani Hotel Dubai (post) couple of years ago, I never had the chance to try out any of the hotel's restaurants.  And ever since I always wanted to dine there.  We finally got the chance to have dinner at Armani / Amal, the Indian restaurant there. Its a spacious restaurant with terrace seating if the weather is good you can enjoy the views from your table in Burj Khalifa. Everything was really good, the appetisers were in small quantities but that was good, seeing that Indian food was really heavy and we were worried about having it for dinner rather than lunch.  My order of the virgin violet mojito is unforgettable.  The service was excellent and the servers were extremely helpful.
تجربتي في مطعم أرماني/أمل الهندي في فندق أرماني دبي (زيارني للفندق قبل سنتين)  كانت ناجحة. الأكل كله لذيذ والكميات قليلة وهذا الشي من صالحنا لأن ما نفضل ناكل ونثقل بالهندي على العشاء (المطعم يفتح للعشاء بس).  المطعم كبير وشرح وفيه قعدة على البلكونه بمناظر حلوه.  فوق ان الأكل عجبني ما أنسى شراب الفيرجن موهيتو بنكهة وردة الفيوليت.  الخدمة ممتازة جدا.
Violet virgin mojito
Saffron Rasmalai
Masala tea and complimentary gift
Address: Armani Dubai Hotel, Downtown Dubai
Tel.: 04 8883444
Opening times: 7:00pm - 11:00pm

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Red Sofa

Red Sofa is a newly established home accessories business based in Kuwait who specialize in hand painted pieces that mix between vintage and modern.  The collection is a variety of hand painted Arabic coffee cups, incense burners, side tables and limited edition of lotus shaped china plates.  Check their pieces out, aren't they something?
ريد سوفا هو مشروع جديد في الكويت مخنص بالرسم على قطع بمزيج بين القديم والحديث.  التشكيله تتكون من الصحون وفناجين القهوة والمباخر والطاولات الجانبيه.
Inquiries: +965 96034622
Instagram: @redsofa_

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Flora in Thailand

A collection of flower photos from my past travels to Thailand, specifically in Bangkok, Phuket, and Koh Samui.
مجموعة من صور الورد من رحلاتي السابقة لتايلند من بانكوك وبوكيت وكو سامويه

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hakkasan Mayfair - London, UK

I don't know how I forgot to post about my dinner at Hakksan Mayfair in London.  I already wrote a post on my visit to Hakkasan Dubai so I probably thought I already did.  There are two bramches of this restaurant in London, the original in Hanway Place and the newer one in Mayfair.  I visited the one in Mayfair, which is really close to Bond Street.  It was crowded, dark, and the music was loud.  Nevertheless we loved it, and everything we ordered was really good, and we ordered a lot!  Reservations required.

من أشهر المطاعم في لندن هو المطعم الصيني هاكاسان (واللي له أفرع في دبي وهو اللي كتبت عنه قبل وفي أبوظبي وقطر).  له فرعين في لندن الرئيسي والأقدم هو في هانواي بليس والثاني الجديد في ميفير وهو قريب من بوند ستريت.  المكان مظلم والأغاني عالية ومزدحم وأكله ممتاز, طلبنا الكثير حتى ما قدرنا نطلب حلو.  يرجى الحجز قبلها
 Sesame prawn toast with foie gras
 Fried calamari
Address: 17 Bruton Street, Mayfair
Tel.:   +44 (0)207 907 1888