Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sprinkles in Kuwait Now

We've had enough of cupcake businesses but it doesn't hurt to try something well known as Sprinkles is!  It just opened a couple of days ago in The Grand Avenues.  I just couldn't resist and had to go.  Too bad the flavors I wanted most were not available, orange, lemon coconut, and chai latte.  But the ones I got were really good, and that being said from someone who's not a big fan of cupcakes (cakes rather).
مع ان اكتفينا من مشاريع الكب كيك في الديرة لكن ما يمنع نجرب محل مشهور مثل سبرينكلز واللي فتح قبل يومين في الجراند آفنيوز.    للأسف النكهات اللي كنت ابيها ما كانت موجودة اليوم اللي رحت (شوفوا الجدول اللي تحت).  
Lemon & ginger, salted caramel, dark chocolate, pumpkin, and raspberry & chocolate chip

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