Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ahmedi's Celebration Lights 2013

Everyone's heading to Ahmedi to check out the liberation and independence day celebration lights and decorations.  Its phenominal and people have started celebrating there already.  Kids wearing Kuwait themed clothes in addition to masks and spraying water at passerby cars.  Its appearent that a lot has been put into making the place look this spectacular,  too bad I couldn't get nicer photos because of all the kids with the water, but I could see a lot of professional photographers there.
الكل رايح الأحمدي يشوفون الزينة للأعياد الوطنية هالسنة والكل بدأ يحنفل وخاصة الأطفال لابسين اللبس بالأعلام الوطنية  ويرشون الماء على السيارات.  الصراحة الزينة متعوب عليها وروعة ما تتطوف.  كان ودي أصور صور أكثر لكن ما قدرت من اللي يرشون الماء ولاحظت الكثير من المصورين المحترفين كانوا متواجدين لتصوير الزينة.


  1. i think im the only one that never went to ahmedi to see the lights ;(

    1. It's my first time..maybe they still have the lights on? Maybe it's not too late