Thursday, January 17, 2013

Travel Advice: What to do in Istanbul, Turkey - Part I

There's tons of places to visit in Istanbul, Turkey. The number one place to visit, and if you're there for a few days and have no time to do any sightseeing, head to the sights around Sultanahmet, which are Topkapi Sarayi, Hagia Sophia, and Sultanahmet Mosque (also known as Blue Mosque).  Be there when the doors open. starting with Topkapi Palace (thats where the famous Sultan Sulaiman, of the hit show Sultan's Harem, lived in), you'll need around 2-3 hours maximum in there if you're planning on seeing everything there, the Haremlique is not to be missed, and then there's the various museums.  When you're done, go to Hagia Sophia nearby (walking distance), which is a church that was converted to an Islamic church. It will take you around 10 min to walk around in this place.  Finally head straight to the Blue Mosque, a 5 min walk from Hagia Sophia, where you will have to cover up and leave shoes outside before entering, the mosque is still used for prayers. The visit will last to less than 5 minutes, just in time for lunch.
من أهم معالم اسطنبول المعالم حول منطقة سلطان احمد وهم قصر توبكابي (لمحبي مسلسل حريم السلطان) وآيا سوفيا ومسجد سلطان أحمد.  الأفضل الإبتداء من قصر توبكابي عند فتح أبوابه لتفادي الزحمة ولأن المكان يحتاج لـ2-3 ساعات لأن في الحرمليك وبعض المتاحف.  بعد الإنتهاء توجهوا الى آيا سوفيا واللي هو بجانب القصر وهو كان كنيسة حولوها لمسجد والزيارة تاخذ 10 دقائق بالكثير. بعدها وبمسافة 5 دقائق مشياً مسجد السلطان أحمد واللي يستخدم للصلاة حتى الآن. بعد كل هذه الزيارات راح تكون فترة غداء.
Topkapi Sarayi
Hagia Sophia (Ayasophya)
 Sultanahmet (Blue mosque)


  1. Great job ,you are giving the right ,brief advise for every location ,I visited Istanbul so many times,every visit I discover something new and its a place worth visiting over and over .

    1. Thank you! You're right it's a place worth visiting again it still feels like I haven't seen much of Istanbul