Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Winston Brasserie - Istanbul, Turkey

While staying at the W Istanbul Hotel (Post I and post II) we had a walk around the area around and found lots of nice shops and cafes. The Winston Brasserie was our choice for breakfast, we hadn't heard any reviews on it but the restaurant looked rather inviting to the eyes, nicely designed.  We just wanted to grab a quick breakfast before transferring to our next hotel, and this was just the place, we didn't want to leave, very cozy in a rustic way.  I had their spiced tea with milk which was just what I needed to warm me up in the freezing Istanbuli weather.  Also serves Mediterranean lunch and dinner, pastas and pizzas.
خلال قعدتنا قي فندق دابليو اسطنبول (الجزء 1 والجزء 2)  تمشينا في الشارع الي عند الفندق والي فيه بعض المحلات والقهاوي الحلوة, وقررنا نتريق في مطعم عجبنا شكلها وقعدتها قريبة جدا من الفندق اسمها ذا وينستون بريزري.  ما نوعنا بالطلب ولقينا عندهم البيضة التركية وجربت الجاي والحليب المبهر اللذيذ.  المطعم يقدم الغداء والعشاء والمنيو متخصص بالأكل الإيطالي.
 Right across the street is the famous Turkish interior designer behind The House Hotel and other ventures, Autoban
Address: Sair Nedim Caddesi 3, Besiktas (Close to W Hotel and facing Autoban)

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