Friday, November 23, 2012

Kitchenette - Istanbul, Turkey

Kitchenette is the best place to catch brunch or a quick bite in Istanbul, Turkey.  You will find a branch of the all day rustic bistro practically everywhere including their international airport.  Like The House Cafe, the atmosphere is homey and warm.  My favorite Kitchenette cafe is the one in Bebek, I think its the largest in space, we went there for breakfast, which is the best meal to grab there, where we sat on their huge terrace.  Other known branches are the ones in Ortokoy, where I had lunch in, and Kanyon Mall among others.
 مطعم كتجنيت أحسن مكان حق ريوق وغدا سريع  وهو موجود تقريبا في كل مكان في اسطنبول في تركيا حتى في مطارهم الدولي. أمن رأيي أحلى فرع هو الي في منطقة بيبيك ةهة كبير والقعدة على بلكوناتهم الكبيرة واللي تطل على الشارع الرئيسي والبحر مو  طبيعية.  أنصح بالريوق ألذ وجبة في المطعم.  أفرع ثانية معروفة لكتجينيت هو في اورتوكوي وكانيون مول. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thank you Casa Moderna

If you're looking for modern design of the best quality, Casa Moderna is the place to go.  I've been there a month ago, still in the soft opening.  The grand opening will be in a few days.  Make sure to pass by the place.  Don't you just adore the invitation idea?
اذا حابين الأثاث الحديث أو الموديرن راح تلقونه في محل كازا موديرنا في مجمع كرييتف ديزاين في منطقة الشويخ الصناعية. واللي صارله فترة من افتتح.  الإفتتاح الرسمي الكبير بيكون يوم 24 نوفمبر من الساعو 5-9 مساء.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Kuwait Celebrates Golden Jubilee Anniversary of the Constitution

Yesterday, Kuwait celebrated and went in to the Guinness Books of Records for the biggest fireworks show ever as relief from all the political unrest we've been suffering for weeks.  Hours of national unity and awe from the beautiful fireworks show changed all ill feelings as the Kuwaiti nationals enjoyed the day like no other!  I was lucky to be there!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

New Hotel: Banyan Tree Lang Co - Vietnam

Opening today.

A tropical beach resort, Banyan Tree Lang Co  consists of pool villas located in a fishing village with a beautiful landscape of a pristine beach, tropical jungles, mountain peaks, eco-diversity, and closeness to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Hue, Hoi An and My Son.

New Hotel: Banyan Tree Shanghai on the Bund

Just opened this month.

Banyan Tree Shanghai on the Bund's location boasts both the historic landmarks of old Shanghai and close to the modern cultural and commercial centres of the city.