Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The House Cafe - Istanbul, Turkey

I confess to going to The House Cafe everyday of my trip in Istanbul, Turkey.  Repeating cafes is something I never do, but this one's an exception.  The reason is, that we went to a different branch every day.  We couldn't have enough of their double chocolate brownie, which is one of the best I had, thus to why I've been heading to the shabby cafe this frequently.  They've got other great yummy dessert like their lemon lemon and poppy seed pound cake, their chocolate tart, and their cheesecakes. You can also have traditional drinks you came to Turkey to enjoy, like Turkish tea and Turkish coffee.  And they're exceptionally good.  My favorite branch is Ortokoy's and the most visited one is Nisantasi's just because its really close to our hotel.  There's a branch practically everywhere, a total of 13 branches around Istanbul.  There's even one in Istiniye Park (best mall there) and Kanyon Mall.  I recommend staying at their sister boutique hotel The House Hotel (3 branches in Istanbul).
كنا نروح قهوة ذا هاوس كافيه في اسطنبول كل يوم من كثر ما نحب الحلو الي عندهم.  نادر ما أكرر مطاعم أو قعاوي لكن كنا انوع كل مرة نروح فرح من أفرع القهوة.  حبينا البراوني طلبوها مسخنه مع آيس كريم.  قهوتهم وشاي التركي زينة والقعدة برة ما تتطوف خاصة في شارع نيشانتاشي. القهوة لها 13 فرع في اسطنبول يعني موجودة في كل مكات تقريباً.
Ortokoy branch
Kanyon Mall
Istinye Park

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  1. Im heading there on Dec ... Cant wait to try it!

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