Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sakirin Mosque - Istanbul, Turkey

A mosque worth visiting and praying in if you're Muslim.  I've been adamant about visiting Sakirin Mosque even though the driver said it was in the Asian side of Istanbul and was rather far from where we were.  I didn't care, I read so many great things about the design of this modern mosque, said to be the first modern mosque in Istanbul and the first Islamic mosque to be designed by a woman, that I had to see it to believe it, to the dismay of my group.  Everything changed once we arrived to the city cemetery, where the mosque was located in.  Even more was our surprise once we went inside just in time for prayers.  I took as much photos as possible, and they still didn't show the beauty of the place.
 مسجد ساكيرين  هو مسجد مصمم بطريقة حديث يقع في الناحية الآسيوية من اسطنبول في مقبرة مدينة اسكودار.  وهو جميل ويستحق  الزيارة. هو أول مسجد يصمم بطريقة حديثة في اسطنبول وأول مسجد اسلامي تصممه امرأة. 
Address: Nukhuyusuu Caddesi No.2, Karacaahmet Mezarlik Girisi; Uskudar

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