Saturday, October 6, 2012

Haskral Hatay Sofrasi Restaurant - Istanbul, Turkey

Continuing on my food posts of my trip to Istanbul, I want to add that I thought people overrated Turkish food, now I think its underrated! I'm a big fan!  We were referred to Haskral Hatay Sofrasi by our Turkish driver.  He swore by their food, and we were not only satisfied but we didn't mind eating there everyday.  The place may seem a bit commercial and not appealing to the eye, but the food makes up for it.  They are known for their extra long kabab, which we didn't have the chance to order it.  I recommend ordering kubbah burghul with pomegranate sauce and the spicy kabab.
مطعم يستحق الزيارة في اسطنبول هو مطعم معروف بإسم المللك واسمه في التركي هسكرال هتاي سفراسي. علمنا عليه السائق وسمعنا عن الكباب الطويل والي الناس تروح خصيصا له والي ما حصلنا على الفرصة لتجربته.  الأكل كان كله لذيذ مع أن المكان كان 
عادي.  أنصح بطلب كبة البرغل بدبس الرمان والكباب الحارة. 
Kubbah Burghel with pomegranate
Yogurt mint drink is kind of the traditional Turkish cold drink
 Spicy kabab
 Sweet eggplant and tomatoes for dessert, something I don't want to try
Address: Ragib Bey Sok 25/A, Aksaray

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