Friday, October 12, 2012

Burger Boutique Tasting Session

I was invited to try Burger Boutique's tasting session for the reopening after renovation of both design and concept.  Organic is the new lifestyle and we have a couple of restaurants that provide organic food, Burger Boutique is going to be one of them, they'll be opening October 15th.  The concept of using everything recycled, to organic, in addition to having the option to order you favorite item with lesser calories, is just fabulous!  They have air fried fries! Something very new and it tastes as good as normal oil fried fries.  If you're worried that the taste will be different, then don't.  The potato bread bun tastes as good as normal burger buns.  And the jalapeno bites in the "Accessories" or appetizers is a must and so is their sweet potato fries.  For dessert they've got a counter where you choose your low calorie ice cream (two of us got Swiss chocolate which I highly recommend), choose something to be mixed with it (like in my case kinder bueno, one of my friends got the red velvet, and the other chose Dally's, yes Slider Station's best selling dessert) and then you add a topping (in my case coconut flakes, my friends got berry and crunchy toppings).  In short everything was great. I can't wait for the opening.
انعزمت على عشاء لتجربة أكل مطعم برجر بوتيك في  مجمع الراية قبل الإفتتاح اللي بيصير يوم 15 أكتوبر.  فكرة وديكور المطعم تغير, والفكرة وايد حلوة. الأكل كله أورجانيك أو في سعرات أقل ولك الإختيار اذا كنت تبي بسعرات أقل أو العادي وطبعا الطعم نفسه وما تحس بتغيير.  المقبلات والأكل كان كله عجيب وأنصح بالهلابينو اللي في المقبلات.  والحلو عبارة عم أيس كريم بسعرات أقل ويخلط مع ككاوك او الكيك أو البسكوت المفضل وتضيف اليه فواكه أو ككاو أو غيره (أنا اخترت الناريل واللي معاي اختاروا فواكه وغيره).
Jalapeno bites
Potato bun burger
Zap it burgers
Swiss Chocolate with kinder bueno skinny cloud with coconut flakes topping
Address: Al Raya Mall (top floor), Kuwait  

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