Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sakirin Mosque - Istanbul, Turkey

A mosque worth visiting and praying in if you're Muslim.  I've been adamant about visiting Sakirin Mosque even though the driver said it was in the Asian side of Istanbul and was rather far from where we were.  I didn't care, I read so many great things about the design of this modern mosque, said to be the first modern mosque in Istanbul and the first Islamic mosque to be designed by a woman, that I had to see it to believe it, to the dismay of my group.  Everything changed once we arrived to the city cemetery, where the mosque was located in.  Even more was our surprise once we went inside just in time for prayers.  I took as much photos as possible, and they still didn't show the beauty of the place.
 مسجد ساكيرين  هو مسجد مصمم بطريقة حديث يقع في الناحية الآسيوية من اسطنبول في مقبرة مدينة اسكودار.  وهو جميل ويستحق  الزيارة. هو أول مسجد يصمم بطريقة حديثة في اسطنبول وأول مسجد اسلامي تصممه امرأة. 
Address: Nukhuyusuu Caddesi No.2, Karacaahmet Mezarlik Girisi; Uskudar

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The House Cafe - Istanbul, Turkey

I confess to going to The House Cafe everyday of my trip in Istanbul, Turkey.  Repeating cafes is something I never do, but this one's an exception.  The reason is, that we went to a different branch every day.  We couldn't have enough of their double chocolate brownie, which is one of the best I had, thus to why I've been heading to the shabby cafe this frequently.  They've got other great yummy dessert like their lemon lemon and poppy seed pound cake, their chocolate tart, and their cheesecakes. You can also have traditional drinks you came to Turkey to enjoy, like Turkish tea and Turkish coffee.  And they're exceptionally good.  My favorite branch is Ortokoy's and the most visited one is Nisantasi's just because its really close to our hotel.  There's a branch practically everywhere, a total of 13 branches around Istanbul.  There's even one in Istiniye Park (best mall there) and Kanyon Mall.  I recommend staying at their sister boutique hotel The House Hotel (3 branches in Istanbul).
كنا نروح قهوة ذا هاوس كافيه في اسطنبول كل يوم من كثر ما نحب الحلو الي عندهم.  نادر ما أكرر مطاعم أو قعاوي لكن كنا انوع كل مرة نروح فرح من أفرع القهوة.  حبينا البراوني طلبوها مسخنه مع آيس كريم.  قهوتهم وشاي التركي زينة والقعدة برة ما تتطوف خاصة في شارع نيشانتاشي. القهوة لها 13 فرع في اسطنبول يعني موجودة في كل مكات تقريباً.
Ortokoy branch
Kanyon Mall
Istinye Park

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Maison Martin Margiela with H&M Launch Event in NY

Check out some of your favorite celebrities at the Maison Martin Margiela with H&M collection launch event in New York.

The collection will be launching around 230 stores worldwide including Kuwait on November 15th.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Chocolate & Macaroon Perfumes

Chocolate & Macaroon have created their own signature fragrances, "No 1" for women and "No 2" for men, available in Al Raya Mall now.  The fragrances were made upon request by Lamy's Perfumes (which I wrote a post about a year ago).  I recommend you get the one for women which I really loved.  My friend loves the one made for men.
جديد من جوكليت ومكرون في مجمع الراية عطورهم الخاصة للنساء والرجال. حبيت مالت النساء وايد أنصح فيها.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Burger Boutique Tasting Session

I was invited to try Burger Boutique's tasting session for the reopening after renovation of both design and concept.  Organic is the new lifestyle and we have a couple of restaurants that provide organic food, Burger Boutique is going to be one of them, they'll be opening October 15th.  The concept of using everything recycled, to organic, in addition to having the option to order you favorite item with lesser calories, is just fabulous!  They have air fried fries! Something very new and it tastes as good as normal oil fried fries.  If you're worried that the taste will be different, then don't.  The potato bread bun tastes as good as normal burger buns.  And the jalapeno bites in the "Accessories" or appetizers is a must and so is their sweet potato fries.  For dessert they've got a counter where you choose your low calorie ice cream (two of us got Swiss chocolate which I highly recommend), choose something to be mixed with it (like in my case kinder bueno, one of my friends got the red velvet, and the other chose Dally's, yes Slider Station's best selling dessert) and then you add a topping (in my case coconut flakes, my friends got berry and crunchy toppings).  In short everything was great. I can't wait for the opening.
انعزمت على عشاء لتجربة أكل مطعم برجر بوتيك في  مجمع الراية قبل الإفتتاح اللي بيصير يوم 15 أكتوبر.  فكرة وديكور المطعم تغير, والفكرة وايد حلوة. الأكل كله أورجانيك أو في سعرات أقل ولك الإختيار اذا كنت تبي بسعرات أقل أو العادي وطبعا الطعم نفسه وما تحس بتغيير.  المقبلات والأكل كان كله عجيب وأنصح بالهلابينو اللي في المقبلات.  والحلو عبارة عم أيس كريم بسعرات أقل ويخلط مع ككاوك او الكيك أو البسكوت المفضل وتضيف اليه فواكه أو ككاو أو غيره (أنا اخترت الناريل واللي معاي اختاروا فواكه وغيره).
Jalapeno bites
Potato bun burger
Zap it burgers
Swiss Chocolate with kinder bueno skinny cloud with coconut flakes topping
Address: Al Raya Mall (top floor), Kuwait  

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Haskral Hatay Sofrasi Restaurant - Istanbul, Turkey

Continuing on my food posts of my trip to Istanbul, I want to add that I thought people overrated Turkish food, now I think its underrated! I'm a big fan!  We were referred to Haskral Hatay Sofrasi by our Turkish driver.  He swore by their food, and we were not only satisfied but we didn't mind eating there everyday.  The place may seem a bit commercial and not appealing to the eye, but the food makes up for it.  They are known for their extra long kabab, which we didn't have the chance to order it.  I recommend ordering kubbah burghul with pomegranate sauce and the spicy kabab.
مطعم يستحق الزيارة في اسطنبول هو مطعم معروف بإسم المللك واسمه في التركي هسكرال هتاي سفراسي. علمنا عليه السائق وسمعنا عن الكباب الطويل والي الناس تروح خصيصا له والي ما حصلنا على الفرصة لتجربته.  الأكل كان كله لذيذ مع أن المكان كان 
عادي.  أنصح بطلب كبة البرغل بدبس الرمان والكباب الحارة. 
Kubbah Burghel with pomegranate
Yogurt mint drink is kind of the traditional Turkish cold drink
 Spicy kabab
 Sweet eggplant and tomatoes for dessert, something I don't want to try
Address: Ragib Bey Sok 25/A, Aksaray

Friday, October 5, 2012

Shopping the Anna Dello Russo at H&M Collection

The title of this post may suggest that I actually bought something from the much buzzed about Anna Dello Russo at H&M collection, but I did not.  As much as I love any collection made by internationally renowned fashion designers for H&M,  the collection didn't appeal to me.  But it doesn't kill to have a look, especially since my friend really wanted to go check out the collection.  I have to say I really liked the display and packaging!