Monday, September 17, 2012

My Stay at W Istanbul - Turkey (Part I)

W Istanbul is everything I imagined it to be, boutique wonderstastic! I've been dying to stay at their Marvelous Room which features the hotel's famous terrace with the bridge and cabana bed.  The location is excellent, with the boutique hotel located in a prestigious street with nice boutique and cafes.  Great reception service, good restaurants, and a beautiful lobby and library area.  We noticed that its popular with celebrities at night, when the hotel is instantly changed to look like a club, with bouncers meeting you at hotel entrance.  I've never seen this before in any other hotel.  What I didn't like was that the room was somewhat small and the bathroom area is merged with the bedroom as one, therefore like London's W Hotel, there is no privacy in room.  I recommend if booking in this hotel, to get the Marvelous Room because of their beautiful terrace area.
وايد عجبنا فندق دابليو اسطنبول من ناحية الموقع والديكور والمطاعم وخدمة الرسبشن والمكتبة.  الموقع قريب من وايد أماكن بالإضافة الى الشارع  الراقي واللي فيه محلات ومقاهي ومطاعم راقية.  أنصح في اختيار غرفة "مارفلوس" لأن فيها بلكونه متصله بجسر يوصلك لكبينه روعة خاصة لهذا النوع من الغرف.  عيب الغرفة انهت صغيرة بعض الشيء ولا خصوصية بالحمام لأنه المغسله داخل  الغرفة نفس فكرة فندق دابليو لندن.

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