Thursday, August 16, 2012

Milk Khana

Its my first visit to this traditional Kuwaiti themes cafe. I wanted to have spiced milk, so we passed by Milk Khana to grab drinks. I went for saffron & cardamom hot milk, and my friends had cold drinks, a mocha frappacino and a saffroncino.  I enjoyed my drink! The place was tiny but very comfy, I will definitely sit in when I visit in the winter.
 Saffron & Cardamom Milk
 Saffroncino and Mocha Frappacino

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Thank You Mira Tiger Mood

Received this crafty sweet and yummy gift from the friendly blogger friend Mira Tiger Mood! Thank you so much for your beautiful wishes and unique gift.  The chocolates are from the French zChocolate

Saturday, August 11, 2012

November Bakery's Cakettes

I love November Bakery's idea of the cup size cakettes, mini versions of their larger cakes.  The one order contains 4 mini cakes or cakettes.  My favorites are the chocolate fudge and the pistachio (which has tiny raspberry bites).
جربت كيكات نوفمبر الصغيرة من فترة وعجبتني الفكرة للتقديم بدال الحجم الكبير اللي متعودين عليه. الطلب الوتحد في 4 مواعين صغيرة كيك مشكل.  أكثر نوع عجبني هو الككاو فادج والفستق اللي فيها قطع توت صغيرة.
Address:  Al Tilal Complex
Tel.: 97313310

Friday, August 10, 2012

Keira Knightley Featured in Harper's Bazaar UK

Keira Knightley looking gothically beautiful in the September issue of Harper's Bazaar!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Limonata - Istanbul, Turkey

A good place for lunch and good food is Limonata in the top floor of City's Nisantasi Mall.  A very spacious colorful eclectic homey trendy space with a terrace that looks out to the Bosphorus.  The best part is that they've got an English menu section with tons of choices.  We nearly ordered everything!  The appetisers were just so tempting and a starter could be a main dish.  The main dish which was kebab (different than our known Kebab, it looks like cut steak) on top of fries and yogurt and topped with a spicy tomato sauce. Superb.  Sadly there was no space left for dessert.
اذا كنتوا تبون مكان حلو للغدا روحوا مطعم ليموناتا في مجمع سيتي نيشاتشي.  القعدة شرحة وملونة ومريحة والديكور وايد حلو.  عجبنا الأكل وخاصة المقبلات.  الطبق الناجح كان الكباب (توقعت يكون كباب لكن كان شرائح ستيك فوق بطاط وروب وفوقه صلصة الطماط الحارة.  شبعنا من الموالح لدرجة ما كان في مجال ان نطلب حلو.
Address: City's Nisantasi Mall, Tesvikiye Caddesi No. 162

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Girgeean 52 Degrees

Thanks again 52 Degrees for a yummy girgeean.

Hayoni's Kitchen in Ramadan

Famous for having nutella in most of its baked goods, Hayoni's Kitchen have been around for a while and I've been craving its new menu for a while.  I ordered the Nutella basboosa, knafa, and mahalbiya for a ghabga.  Everyone loved it especially the basboosa and mahalbiya! They were a hit!  Order has to be 2 days in advance by text message/Whatsapp/DM.
هيونيز كتجن مشهور بالحلو الجديد المكون من نوتيلا.  المشروع موجود من فترة وأنا من زمان خاطري أجربه. في أحد الغبقات الرمضانية طلبت بسبوسة النوتيلا وكنافة النوتيلا ومهلبية النوتيلا. الكل عجبه الحلو وبالأخص البسبوسه والمهلبية.  شي مميز وشغلهم مرتب.  الطلب يكون قبل يومين عن طريق المسج أو الواتس آب أو الـ دي امفي تويتر.
SMS/Whatsapp: 50590456
Twitter: @hayoniskitchen
Instagram: @hayoniskitchen 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Beauty Cabinet: Arabic Soaps by BSL

I've had these soaps from Bait AlSaboon Al Lubnani from Avenues Mall Phase 2 forever. Remember my old post on the scrub I got from there?  Anyways I've been using their Oud honey soap recently, just because I've forgotten I had it!  I also have the Honeymoon soap which is supposedly a bestseller and I still haven't used it.  So the oud smells amazing, very Arabian, very Ramadani. Its a bit expensive for a soap, costs 10KD.
توني أذكر اني شاريه صابون بالعسل بروائح عربية من بيت الصابون اللبناني في الآفنيوز.  يمكن تذكرون اللي كتبته عن منتج الصنفره العجيب من نفس المحل قبل فترة. المهم حاليا قاعده أستخدم صابون العود وريحته وايد حلوه, ماخذه من نفس الصابون صابون شهر العسل واللي عليه طلب وايد لكن ما جربته ليلحين. أنصح بمنتجات المحل. الصابون غالي مقارنه بالصابون العادي, سعره 10 دنانير.