Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Solo Churros

Another churros place I've tried recently is Solo Churros which is located in Burj Jassim.  I've just tried their mini dipped churros because they were available in store when I passed by before futoor time.  They were quite good, soft with delicious fillings.  I don't know which ones I got, I asked to have a combination of the kinds available.  But I do know I really liked the chocolate dipped one.  Their original churros is really really really good! I can't wait to get them again. They do delivery.
مشروع جوروز ثاني جربته هو محل سولو جوروز في برج جاسم.  جربت الميني جوروز المغطى والمحشى كان حلو.   أما الأوريجينال كان وايد لذيذ.  عندهم خدمة توصيل للمنازل .
Ferrero Roche, chocolate lotus, red velvet, white chocolate lotus, .... 
Original churros with milk chocolate and nutella sauces 
Address: Burj Jassim, Ground floor
Tel.: 22960097
facebook: solo churros
twitter: @solochurros
Instagram: solochurros

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  1. *drools* ya 6ool my food list after ramadan