Thursday, July 26, 2012

Simply Divine

Simply Divine is a new home business specialized in churros baking among other finger sweets.  In case you've never heard of churros, they're Spanish donut like pastries that are served usually with thick hot chocolate and sprinkled with sugar.  Coming back recently from Spain, I've been having churros on a daily basis, so I'm glad I get to have them in Kuwait also. I tried both the Original Churros (topped with cinnamon and brown sugar) and Nutella filled churros.  They're both delicious but the original is the yummiest out of the two.  You have to order a day ahead by sending an SMS or Whatsapp 55799328.
سمبلي ديفاين هو مشروع منزلي كويتي جديد يتخصص بالحلوى الإسبانية الـ"جورو" والتي تشبه الدونات وتقدم عادة مع شراب الكاكاو الثقيل جدا.  الطلبية تكون عن طريق ارسال مسج أو واتس آب قبل يوم على رقم 55799328
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