Thursday, July 5, 2012

My stay at Hotel Missoni - Kuwait (Part I)

I finally stayed at the newest five star Hotel Missoni I've been wanting to stay in even before its opening.  the second designer hotel created by Missoni, the fashion designer company, the first being in Scotland.  I'm really proud of Kuwait's best hotel, is which We got two rooms, the Missoni Maggiore suite and the standard Missoni room.  And what a fabulous stay, making use of the spa, restaurant, and cafe, it felt like we have left the country.  The suite, the rooms I slumbered in, had a separate living room with a small dining table, and an additional smaller bathroom. All hotel bathrooms have a built in TV!  Bang and Olufsen TVs, two in the suite, are available in all hotel rooms.
Maggiore Missoni Suite

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  1. shawaqteeeniiii, wedi i stay for the weekend! :P just being lazy bed in breakfast and going to the spa